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About Sun Valley Services

Sun Valley Services is a family owned business that was established in 2005, though the owner Bianey Montenegro has been in the immigration service business for over 15 years. Sun Valley Services prides themselves on being able to help others, no matter how large or small the issues they need to help with.

Sun Valley’s employees have exemplary English skills and a caring smile for all customers of all kinds.  Sun Valley Services provides small business and personal administration services such as bill paying, accounting, and immigration services (primarily for United States and Canadian residents).

Simply put the services that Sun Valley Services offer make your life easier whether you want to start a business in Mexico, want to go on vacation, or want to move to Mexico.   Sun Valley Services’ primary goal is to help you do those things comfortably and legally.

Although Rocky Point is a free zone for people wanting to visit, there are still steps you should take when planning on moving, visiting, working, buying property, and/or starting a business in Rocky Point because it is in a country that is not native to you.   There are a lot of complicated and tedious forms you have to fill out and these can become a hassle, but don’t worry – that’s why we´re here at Sun Valley.  We do those things for you so you can be at ease and not worry about the forms and information to fill out, but instead you can think about the other things ahead for your new adventure in Mexico!  Here at Sun Valley Services our business runs on the premise that your satisfaction as the customer creates our success.

So you may be asking, “What’s next and where do we go from here?” Simply call us or email us with your questions or visit our offices at Blvd. Benito Juarez 191 entre Simon Morua y Nicolas Bravo for consultation.